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On Witchers, Actors and Tootsie

Yo. I’m sorry to say this post will contain very little original content; for one reason or another I’ve been struggling to gather enthusiasm for a good post. I’ll get […]

E3 Trailers - The Witcher 3

Yo, E3 is upon us again. So far we’ve only gotten some teasers for upcoming XBone games, but this one takes the cake for me: I’m really digging the beard […]

Fan Fiction Becomes Legal

Yo. To make the title to this post more accurate: it will soon be legal for fan fiction authors to make money off their work with the help of Amazon.com, […]

Touching on Videogame Violence

Yo again. So, apparently somebody named Katie Couric has produced a television special (I think?) where she vehemently argues that videogames are addictive, ruinous things that turn people to violence. […]

Say "cheese!" Or "m'kraan crystal" or something.

Yo, just dropping by to discuss the latest news in the entertainment industry! Take a look at this: I’m honestly excited. It looks much more interesting than Origins: Wolverine, and […]