ChoiceOfGames Learning Post Part One

Chester Chooses Chewy ChoiceOfGames No need to watch your pronunciation, as Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor do in Singing in the Rain for their Moses Supposes routine, when you are […]

Was ist das Enneagramm?

I butcher German, … and Portugeuse, … and, now that I think of it, even English! That’s what I tend to do, I tend to disregard the rules of a […]

Superman 'O Steel, Oeuvre or Oeuf ?

Attention Reader: This post started as a comment to THIS POST which is a continuation of THIS POST. While writing my comment I felt it was aspiring to be … more than […]

Writing Rime of the Ancient Mariner Part 2

Similar to Kathleen’s  Mermaid Boneyard series of posts this will also be a series that will begin as an exploration of writing I’ve already done. From there it will progress, God willing, into […]