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Fresh Meat

The Fifth Husband My screenplay (in .pdf format) is registered and out on a jaunt into the world. Feedback and comments welcome on this medieval rom-com.

Just a Placemarker

This article about the 2014 Nobel prize in chemistry is way over my head. The only reason I post this link is because our gaming IP, Tribe of Liars, references the […]

Digging In

My research into the Gallipoli campaign continues. In my last post I mentioned that I would add a prologue section to Mermaid Boneyard to deal with Walter’s historical life (sans […]

Off to Gallipoli

Since reading on Hugh Howey’s site about the “5 down and 1 in the hole” technique, I’ve been thinking of Mermaid Boneyard. As you know, I was on an extended […]

Not a Disease Movie

This weekend is billed as a movie head-to-head between “Edge of Tomorrow” and “The Fault in Our Stars”, two radically different films. I saw “Edge”. It was very fun. I […]

The Hateful Protagonist

Is it possible to enjoy a movie that has a jerk for a protagonist? After watching P. L. Travers in Saving Mr. Banks I would say the answer is “no”. Then I […]

A novel, a story, or a game?

With the set-up for this new web theme I had to reassess my posts and realized that the “Tribe of Liars” category didn’t much represent the Intellectual Property we’re creating. […]

On the Heath

Taken almost verbatim from Bronte’s novel, my song “On the Heath” relates the moment when Jane nearly dies while running away from Rochester. This and the subsequent scenes with St. […]