Tribe of Liars

Just a Placemarker

This article about the 2014 Nobel prize in chemistry is way over my head. The only reason I post this link is because our gaming IP, Tribe of Liars, references the […]

A novel, a story, or a game?

With the set-up for this new web theme I had to reassess my posts and realized that the “Tribe of Liars” category didn’t much represent the Intellectual Property we’re creating. […]


It’s time to establish some terms that will have relevance for The Mermaid Boneyard and for our gaming IP Tribe of Liars, as well as countless other topics. How does sentience differ […]

Twitter Grab Bag

1) Juicy find this morning: Saruman sings heavy metal. #ineedgimmegimme 2) From a day or two ago I bookmarked this article on scientist priests throughout history. Besides listing Jesuits like Lemaitre, […]

the original Steampunk

Consider this a trailer, even though an entire movie is included. The following website has the 8-part series posted, which I intend to watch at some point. In the meantime, […]