Fan Fiction Becomes Legal

Sprite StuYo.

To make the title to this post more accurate: it will soon be legal for fan fiction authors to make money off their work with the help of, which is unveiling a fan fic hub called Kindle Worlds.

It must be coincidental that this thing is announced just a week after the Nintendo Let’s Play issue, another orchestrated Fair Use mess just waiting to explode.

Really, though, this is exciting to me. I’m not quite a part of the fan fiction scene as much as I used to be, but I do occasionally get the urge to check out some recommended fics. There are some fan fic authors I’ve been wishing could profit from their work, like S’TarKan, so I’m happy for anyone out there hoping to earn a bit of cash from their writing.

I’ll admit this might apply to me too. I’ve done a crazy amount of fan writing in the past, but never pushed through with it because I wanted to make money off my storytelling. (To be critical of my past self, that’s a pretty selfish and anti-fiction thought process.)

But now . . . well, I’m not going to seriously consider this storytelling avenue at this time. Like I said, it’s exciting to me, but I’ll probably chew my thumbs and wait until this Kindle Worlds gets runningIf it gets running.

(Which would be so cool.)

Thanks for reading, and thanks Kathleen for alerting me of this development.

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