Fresh Meat

The Fifth Husband My screenplay (in .pdf format) is registered and out on a jaunt into the world. Feedback and comments welcome on this medieval rom-com.

The Fifth Husband

A text-based version of the first 9 pages of my first draft of the screenplay The Fifth Husband. Currently undergoing revision… EXT. LONDON. ENGLAND. JUNE 1386. DAY. The medieval city […]

Writing Rime of the Ancient Mariner Part 2

Similar to Kathleen’s  Mermaid Boneyard series of posts this will also be a series that will begin as an exploration of writing I’ve already done. From there it will progress, God willing, into […]

The Three Saint Musketeers

For the Fall semester of 2010 Kathleen, Stuart, and I started a screenwriting class. It was just the three of us, we were like the Three Musketeers, and yes, the […]