E3 Trailers - The Witcher 3

Yo, E3 is upon us again. So far we’ve only gotten some teasers for upcoming XBone games, but this one takes the cake for me: I’m really digging the beard […]

The most epic concept art ever conceived.

Yo, just dropping by to share the new trailer for an amazing game due this November. Awright. I’m very much looking forward to this game (almost as much as I […]

the original Steampunk

Consider this a trailer, even though an entire movie is included. The following website has the 8-part series posted, which I intend to watch at some point. In the meantime, […]

Say "cheese!" Or "m'kraan crystal" or something.

Yo, just dropping by to discuss the latest news in the entertainment industry! Take a look at this: I’m honestly excited. It looks much more interesting than Origins: Wolverine, and […]