The Generic Legendary Hero’s Manual

I got a serious kick out of this. (Warning: a lot of ads)

Oh, yeah, and even better:

New trailer for Zelda: Skyward Sword!

Actually, the trailer’s mostly the same as the one from last year’s E3 . . . but it’s got some cool footage.

By the way, doesn’t Zelda look like a Kirby game compared with Skyrim? No Conan the Barbarian here – this is a rainbow world of adventure.


  1. I liked the heroes guide. It had a cool look on my phone. The ads were not bothersome on my phones browser either.

  2. “Generic??” Maybe Link is the only Legendary Hero . . . well, no. The instruction about chickens, though, is advice that will serve you well in any hero game.

    Respect the Chicken!!

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