The Zelda Movie That Didn’t Quite Make It

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This news might be a few days old, but it’s fresh for me, and I need to post something.

Anyone remember Imagi Studios? For those who don’t know, Imagi is an animation company best known for making two especially underwhelming movies: TMNT and Astro Boy, the latter of which managed to plunge the company into debt.

Back in 2007, they apparently pitched a Legend of Zelda film to Nintendo, even going so far as to develop a proof of concept video, but they were rebuffed and shut down. This knowledge has been kept a secret for some reason, and now the proof of concept video has been released online.

Behold and cringe:



Okay, it doesn’t look that bad — it is only a proof of concept after all — but I’m glad this plan failed. I have never been a fan of Imagi Studios’ art style or their jerky, forced animation.

Look at Ganondorf! Good grief. He looks so bland.

. . . That’s all I’ve got, really. Ganondorf looks bland. But just by looking at this video and reminding myself of Imagi’s past work, I feel I can guess what their finished Zelda film would have been like, and it isn’t good.

Oh well. Fingers crossed that Studio Ghibli makes a movie pitch instead?

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  1. I kind of liked it. Now, I’m viewing on my phone with the sound off, but it looked kinda cool. It would all come down to how do they portray Link’s personality. Is he like the Wart, all eager and gangly, or is he snarky, or something else entirely?

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