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FYI: The Great Gatsby

I want to bring an article to your attention. This is a review of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, but also a commentary on the film’s popularity among Millennials. The film, […]

Catholics and the Prime Directive

Let’s say that you’re a Catholic living in the Star Trek universe. Specifically, you’re on the U.S.S. Enterprise during the opening scene of the new movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. The […]

10 Best Movie Moms...or not

I want to thank Steven D. Greydanus of www.decentfilms.com for writing a column called “Top 10 Movie Moms”. He started me thinking: What makes a great Movie Mom? Certainly she […]

Sitcoms and the Antagonist

Thanks to Netflix I’ve seen most episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond” more than once. Genuinely funny, the show is a sitcom classic. It’s also uncomfortable and downright annoying. Ray’s appeasement […]

Is the Meet Cute all that cute?

Recently I’ve been contemplating the meet cute, which is the term for how two people destined to fall in love in a story meet. Think of your favorite romantic movies, […]

the original Steampunk

Consider this a trailer, even though an entire movie is included. The following website has the 8-part series posted, which I intend to watch at some point. In the meantime, […]

The Shack review

Originally posted to the internet March 25, 2010 My good friend asked me to read William P. Young’s The Shack and give my thoughts. I’d never heard of the book, […]