Btongue and Young on Witchers

Yo. MrBtongue has a new video. Joy and rapture! It’s about The Witcher, an acclaimed series of Polish novels-turned-videogames. I’ve mentioned them before. I’m a huge fan of MrBtongue and […]


Yo. Uh, long time no see? I haven’t a super-special post for you, but I am compelled to direct my readers — assuming I have any — to a fascinating Youtube […]

ChoiceOfGames Learning Post Part One

Chester Chooses Chewy ChoiceOfGames No need to watch your pronunciation, as Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor do in Singing in the Rain for their Moses Supposes routine, when you are […]

Was ist das Enneagramm?

I butcher German, … and Portugeuse, … and, now that I think of it, even English! That’s what I tend to do, I tend to disregard the rules of a […]

Be Still My Heart

Imagine, if you will, my awe-filled tone as I whisper . . . “The Elder Scrolls: Online“. Pr0n-apalooza at the link.