Fan Fiction Becomes Legal

Yo. To make the title to this post more accurate: it will soon be legal for fan fiction authors to make money off their work with the help of Amazon.com, […]

FYI: The Great Gatsby

I want to bring an article to your attention. This is a review of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, but also a commentary on the film’s popularity among Millennials. The film, […]

Catholics and the Prime Directive

Let’s say that you’re a Catholic living in the Star Trek universe. Specifically, you’re on the U.S.S. Enterprise during the opening scene of the new movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. The […]


Yo. As you may already know, we here at Saint Carnival use a method of film analysis we call the Enneagram. Since this system is potentially difficult to understand — […]

Touching on Videogame Violence

Yo again. So, apparently somebody named Katie Couric has produced a television special (I think?) where she vehemently argues that videogames are addictive, ruinous things that turn people to violence. […]

10 Best Movie Moms...or not

I want to thank Steven D. Greydanus of www.decentfilms.com for writing a column called “Top 10 Movie Moms”. He started me thinking: What makes a great Movie Mom? Certainly she […]

Sitcoms and the Antagonist

Thanks to Netflix I’ve seen most episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond” more than once. Genuinely funny, the show is a sitcom classic. It’s also uncomfortable and downright annoying. Ray’s appeasement […]