Truth is Stranger Than Fiction – and it makes for terrible television

Sprite Stu


Wow, I’ve been offline awhile, haven’t I? But never mind that — I’m making the effort to reintegrate myself into this blog. Using baby steps, of course.

May I draw your attention to this hilarious Livejournal post?

You’ll pick up the point of the post after a paragraph or two, but put simply, it’s a funny acknowledgement of just how unrealistic reality often is than compared to fiction. What if the events of World War II were only a television show? Well, then the show probably would’ve been cancelled — because the story is simply too implausible.

This probably explains why World War II gets adapted to fiction so much more than any other historical war — it’s a real lifeĀ Cliche Storm.

Thanks for checking that out — I’ll try to get my groove back and write something with more substance next time.

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