Game Theory

Garrus Vakarian: The Perfect Template

Yo. So, you might not know this, but like Eric, I’m in the process of writing a gamebook. (Refresher: a “gamebook” is the unofficial term for a browser-based, text-only videogame […]


Yo. Uh, long time no see? I haven’t a super-special post for you, but I am compelled to direct my readers — assuming I have any — to a fascinating Youtube […]

Dark Souls: A Canterbury Tale

Yo. Let me deliver this to you straight: Dark Souls is the answer to the absurd (and absurdly specific) question, “What if Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales was made into a balls-hard dark […]

Touching on Videogame Violence

Yo again. So, apparently somebody named Katie Couric has produced a television special (I think?) where she vehemently argues that videogames are addictive, ruinous things that turn people to violence. […]