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More Achievements

Pursuant to my last post, I present a discussion of the Naughty Dog recent gaming release, The Last of Us. A zombie story, the game has gotten great reviews. I […]


Things have been going well for me. I dominate the homepage because the writing just happens. Also, my gaming life has been going well. Coincidence? Well, I recently completed my […]

Dark Souls: A Canterbury Tale

Yo. Let me deliver this to you straight: Dark Souls is the answer to the absurd (and absurdly specific) question, “What if Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales was made into a balls-hard dark […]

Review of Epic Mickey

Yo, I’m dropping by to post my unprofessional opinion on Disney’s Epic Mickey, released in 2010 for the Nintendo Wii. We received this particular game barely a few months ago […]