Aristotle among the Superheroes

From Aristotle‘s Poetics: A perfect tragedy should, as we have seen, be arranged not on the simple but on the complex plan. It should, moreover, imitate actions which excite pity […]

The Fifth Husband

A text-based version of the first 9 pages of my first draft of the screenplay The Fifth Husband. Currently undergoing revision… EXT. LONDON. ENGLAND. JUNE 1386. DAY. The medieval city […]

Little Horseshoes

  Little Horseshoes pdf Click through for the sheet music. The first song in my musical of Jane Eyre, “Little Horseshoes” is sung by adult Jane while she’s still at Lowood and […]

Be Still My Heart

Imagine, if you will, my awe-filled tone as I whisper . . . “The Elder Scrolls: Online“. Pr0n-apalooza at the link.

More Achievements

Pursuant to my last post, I present a discussion of the Naughty Dog recent gaming release, The Last of Us. A zombie story, the game has gotten great reviews. I […]


Things have been going well for me. I dominate the homepage because the writing just happens. Also, my gaming life has been going well. Coincidence? Well, I recently completed my […]


It’s time to establish some terms that will have relevance for The Mermaid Boneyard and for our gaming IP Tribe of Liars, as well as countless other topics. How does sentience differ […]

They're Wrong and We're Right

Friends, I must bring up something unpleasant. The internetz have been ablaze with this story. You will now click through, read, and come back after. Someone has devised a screenwriting guide […]