Enneagram of "Life of Pi"

I know from reading reviews that many people loved this movie, and some people didn’t like it. Count me among the latter camp. Life of Pi is a visually rich story […]

Twitter Grab Bag

Clearing the spindle . . . Self-publishing for game developers: Playstation, Nintendo WiiU. An informational video about self-publishing from Brian Provinciano. And for something different, here’s Spengler discussing the metaphysical […]

Going Extinct Again

Remember that Spielberg/Lucas speech that foretold the downfall of movie making? I came across a nasty little post about Gore Verbinski‘s response to that speech. You can click through if […]

More "Flight"

My Enneagram review of Flight, a movie I hated, prompted a request for further masochism discussion. Worn out from detailing all the ways I thought the movie failed, I tagged […]