Back in the Saddle

WARNING – This post has been rated Utterly Useless (UU) by the WordPress Board of Purposeful Posting. Contains a shameless string of mildly entertaining anecdotes with no theme or subject. […]

Type! Forrest ... Tyyyypppe!

I’ve decided to write all my posts for this blog without looking at the keyboard, which is to say, that I have decided to learn how to type. I understand […]

I am seven, hear me ... squirrel!

The best, most unique, and truly original usage of the enneagram here at St Carnival will not be found in the following post. It can, however, be found in the […]

The Three Saint Musketeers

For the Fall semester of 2010 Kathleen, Stuart, and I started a screenwriting class. It was just the three of us, we were like the Three Musketeers, and yes, the […]