Ian Draws: A Game of Thrones (Prologue)



Stuart started reading A Game of Thrones aloud and it’s my job to draw stuff pertaining to said book while he reads.

It’s a rocky start with a wimpy count of two, count ’em, two uncolored pics.

I’ll try to up my game but according to Stuart these be short chapters.

AGOF Illo 001


Ear-less prologue man, Garrett, in his natural habitat.

AGOF Illo 001


Plus this dude who’s name I can’t remember.

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  1. Eloquent, my brother, most eloquent. I stand by what I told you when I first beheld these: the style is deliciously reminiscent of Disney’s “the Sword in the Stone.” It gives the rather bleak novel a certain animated charm.

    Remember, don’t read my posts! Lest you be SPOILED like a HAM.

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