And Now Let's Play The Walking Dead

Yo. It hasn’t been very long since I started my first Let’s Play, but I’ve decided to launch another one all the same. This second playthrough will run concurrently with […]

Divinity 2 - First Impressions

Yo. Steam had quite the sale a few weeks — no, nearly two months ago, and we couldn’t resist buying one or two (or three or five) games on the cheap. I […]

Garrus Vakarian: The Perfect Template

Yo. So, you might not know this, but like Eric, I’m in the process of writing a gamebook. (Refresher: a “gamebook” is the unofficial term for a browser-based, text-only videogame […]

Btongue and Young on Witchers

Yo. MrBtongue has a new video. Joy and rapture! It’s about The Witcher, an acclaimed series of Polish novels-turned-videogames. I’ve mentioned them before. I’m a huge fan of MrBtongue and […]


Yo. Uh, long time no see? I haven’t a super-special post for you, but I am compelled to direct my readers — assuming I have any — to a fascinating Youtube […]