Fresh Meat

The Fifth Husband My screenplay (in .pdf format) is registered and out on a jaunt into the world. Feedback and comments welcome on this medieval rom-com.

Just a Placemarker

This article about the 2014 Nobel prize in chemistry is way over my head. The only reason I post this link is because our gaming IP, Tribe of Liars, references the […]

Digging In

My research into the Gallipoli campaign continues. In my last post I mentioned that I would add a prologue section to Mermaid Boneyard to deal with Walter’s historical life (sans […]

And Now Let's Play The Walking Dead

Yo. It hasn’t been very long since I started my first Let’s Play, but I’ve decided to launch another one all the same. This second playthrough will run concurrently with […]

Off to Gallipoli

Since reading on Hugh Howey’s site about the “5 down and 1 in the hole” technique, I’ve been thinking of Mermaid Boneyard. As you know, I was on an extended […]

Divinity 2 - First Impressions

Yo. Steam had quite the sale a few weeks — no, nearly two months ago, and we couldn’t resist buying one or two (or three or five) games on the cheap. I […]