Going Extinct

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg had a discussion about the future of the film business. If anyone can predict events in movie making it should be these guys, right? Click through. The […]

The Lasso says No

The post gets the Wonder Woman “Fires of Truth” image. She senses a movie that must burn to the ground in shame. Two competing reviews came through my tabs today […]

Elven chit!!

Sorry for the spoiler, but you weren’t going to be able to avoid this info anyway. Legolas gets a girlfriend! Probably. The producers of the new Hobbit movie are trying […]

Enneagram of "Morning Glory"

Full disclosure: I own this movie and watch it frequently. In my opinion Morning Glory is a winner. However, what does our Enneagram story system have to say? Not surprisingly, the […]

Pirates of the Caribbean, Part 1

In our family, Memorial Day weekend is Ship Weekend. We watch tall ship movies. As I recall, one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies probably opened over a Memorial Day […]