July 2013

Superman 'O Steel, Oeuvre or Oeuf ?

Attention Reader: This post started as a comment to THIS POST which is a continuation of THIS POST. While writing my comment I felt it was aspiring to be … more than […]

Twitter Grab Bag

Clearing the spindle . . . Self-publishing for game developers: Playstation, Nintendo WiiU. An informational video about self-publishing from Brian Provinciano. And for something different, here’s Spengler discussing the metaphysical […]

Going Extinct Again

Remember that Spielberg/Lucas speech that foretold the downfall of movie making? I came across a nasty little post about Gore Verbinski‘s response to that speech. You can click through if […]

Dark Souls: A Canterbury Tale

Yo. Let me deliver this to you straight: Dark Souls is the answer to the absurd (and absurdly specific) question, “What if Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales was made into a balls-hard dark […]

Writing Rime of the Ancient Mariner Part 2

Similar to Kathleen’s  Mermaid Boneyard series of posts this will also be a series that will begin as an exploration of writing I’ve already done. From there it will progress, God willing, into […]