Stuart Reads A Game of Thrones – Intro

An accurate, unbiased self-portrait.

Yo. I’m launching a new series, as you can probably tell by that giant banner above.

Starting very soon, I’ll be reading George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire for the first time and posting my opinions and reactions up here. I haven’t yet decided whether I’m going to make a post for every chapter or not, since it seems like this book series has a buttload of them. This first post is little more than a heads-up.

First, to get something out of the way: this series of mine is blatantly inspired by Mark Reads. A while ago I found the guy’s blind read-through of Harry Potter, fell in love with this whole idea of sharing your first-time reading experiences with the Internet, and since then I’ve fantasized about trying my own hand at this thing. But I had an obvious problem: what would I read? I already know Harry Potter, and I already know Lord of the Rings.

But I don’t know A Song of Ice and Fire, nor have I seen the wildly popular HBO adaptation. I’ll be starting with the first book, Game of Thrones, and I’m going into it almost completely blind.

Mark has a recurring system where he’ll start a read-through by making some predictions about where the story will go — but since I lack context and don’t really know what to expect, I’ll just explain what I’ve heard through Pop Cultural Osmosis instead:

  • I know there’s a character named Ned Stark, played by Sean Bean in the TV show, and I know that he dies at some point (because Sean Bean’s characters always die). Yeah, I understand this could be considered some kind of big deal — and it’s obviously supposed to be a spoiler — however, it’s still devoid of context for me: I don’t know how he dies, when he dies, where he dies or why he dies. I just know this character will kick the bucket at some point in these books. (Probably early on, since I haven’t seen Sean Bean in any of the recent TV promos.)
  • I know a few other character names, but once again I have no context for them, just a few actors’ faces.
  • I’ve heard this series starts pretty grounded and/or low fantasy, but changes gears at some point into straight-up high fantasy. So, just like Robin Hobb’s books, then.
  • I know the books are getting a potentially terrible MMO made with Unity3D, but that’s neither here nor there, I guess. I just like to bring up Unity3D absolutely any time I possibly can.

And that’s about it. I may have read a few other interesting things regarding the books or the show, but if so, I’ve forgotten them by now.

I have yet to decide how often I’ll post my summaries and reactions. Once a day for every chapter? What if there are simply too many chapters? What if the chapters are really short or super long? What if I hate the book and want to stop reading entirely? At the beginning of all this I’ll be playing it by ear, but I hope to settle into a routine as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading — we’ll see if this becomes a thing.



  1. The “Sean Bean Death Reel” is a thing that exists. I couldn’t watch anymore after his arms were drawn and quartered.

  2. The death tell was great! And it was my first time at the TV Tropes site too. Looking forward to this series!

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