Elven chit!!

Sorry for the spoiler, but you weren’t going to be able to avoid this info anyway.

Legolas gets a girlfriend!


The producers of the new Hobbit movie are trying to be cagey (that worked out so well for the Star Trek Into Darkness people) but it looks like the feisty elven girl, a character made up by the screenwriters, is going to be his love interest.

They wanted to add some grrl power to the series. And pad the elf storyline.

I’m a sellout. I like the idea. Can’t wait until the end of the year.


  1. Yeah, I came to terms with Jackson’s reinterpretation of Middle-Earth long ago, so I’m okay with this. Well, so far. If this girl’s Legolas’ love interest, why isn’t she in Lord of the Rings? I know the meta reason, of course, but how will they justify that in in-universe? Will she die? Will she just leave? It’s these kinds of things that can turn into issues if improperly addressed.

    Frankly, I’m curious why they didn’t gender-swap one or two of the 13 dwarves. That would have certainly changed the group’s dynamic and solved the “sausage-fest” problem in the story.

  2. Yeah, doesn’t bother me too much. But she will have to die in some tear jerking moment of eternal elven angst. The question is will Jackson take the opportunity to edit in some “recollection of lost love” scenes into some future uber version of LOTR (which, by the way should really be acronymed to TLOTR or LOR, shouldn’t it?)

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